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Animal Lick Hanging Salt Rock

Natural Himalayan Salt is equally beneficial for animal health.

Natural Himalayan Salt is well-known for its rich minerals composition that are beneficial not just for human beings but also equally, if not more, beneficial for animal health. All biological living beings ( apart from microbes) need sodium in their body to survive and sustain life, in fact, some animals may need a more quantitative intake of sodium, as compared to humans.

Our company specializes in manufacturing of a wide range of Animal Licking Salt products, rock salt lumps and boulders is just one form of animal licks we offer. Please inquire your specific requirements on animal licks and your desired application, for instance, if you want salt licks for house pets such as rabbits or house mice and up to dairy goats, cows and for horses whether domesticated or in professional race.


1-2kg, 3-4 kg, 4-5 kg


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